Goat Yoga by Shenanigoats

Goat Yoga is sweeping the globe and there are good reasons why…

The joy and laughter people experience when crawling on all fours with goats frolicking around or on them is non-stop.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a regular yogi, you will find that there is something special about yoga with goats!

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Shenanigoats - Nashville's Premiere Goat Yoga

I don't believe things happen by accident. I came across Shenanigoats Yoga on Facebook one day and signed up. I also ended up emailing them hoping they might be interested in hosting a fundraiser for Team Big 98 for St. Jude. They didn't hesitate to say yes on so many levels. Once you step foot into a goat-filled yard with their "herders" - you'll be hooked like I was. It's not just goats. It's not just yoga. It's good vibes, smiles, laughs, friendships - it's what every Saturday morning (or Tuesday night or Thursday afternoon) should be like. I feel blessed to be able to bring Shenanigoats Yoga and Team Big 98 for St. Jude together but even more blessed to have the entire herd (goat and human!) feel like old friends.

Megan H.

As a career woman & mom of kids 5 years old and younger, being efficient & resetting is everything. Shenanigoats Yoga is an efficient hour packed with self-care, relaxation, joy, delight, & animal friendship. Resetting & soul-fueling all in one. For the professional mom, it's a must.

Chandra O.

"Aside from the birth of my son, the goat yoga class I took was the second best day of my life!"

August 16, 2017

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